"For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for animals. I was a young girl when I knew that I would work with animals when I grew up, no matter what it took. From 8 years old, I looked at endless books of different dog breeds, dog training, behaviors, and made it my goal to learn everything about dogs, inside and out.

For many years, I worked with different facilities, trying to find which job I would love the most. It was when I joined the animal shelter in 2018, that I confirmed my joy was to solely be with animals, and care for them. I love giving them the love and attention that they deserve, and I love seeing the change in them when they receive the affection they need. In May of 2019, I dedicated my time to dog walking and pet sitting around the clock. During this time, I met many dogs and formed many unbreakable bonds. I continue to care for the dogs that I began with, and I plan on continuing with them for many years to come."

-Erica Cheever
Owner of Leashes of Love, LLC