Walks are extremely beneficial to a dog's physical and mental health. Giving your dog the opportunity to go on regular walks can help benefit them in multiple ways.

Walks can help...

-Reduce the risk of obesity and health problems that are related
-Avoid destructive behaviors at home such as chewing, scratching or digging
-Improve joint mobility and muscle strength (with regular walks)
-Release pent up energy
-Reduce stress levels
-Make your dog overall happier and healthier

Our dog walking services are customized to fit you and your dogs needs. We want to ensure that your dog is getting the most out of their walk.
15 Minutes - $20
30 Minutes - $25
45 Minutes - $33
60 Minutes - $40
*Each additional dog is $3. Prices are subject to change*


What is better than letting your pet stay in their normal routine in the comfort of their own home? Our in-home pet sitting service allows your pets to continue their routine, and give you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being loved and well-cared for.

Simply decide how many visits per day would best fit your pet, and how long each visit will be. Feel free to schedule as many visits as needed. Our goal is for you and your pup to be as happy and comfortable as possible!

15 Minutes - $20 - Potty break & Check in to ensure your pet is having a great day.
30 Minutes - $28 - Includes a meal, any medications, potty break, and walking around the neighborhood.
45 Minutes - $33 - Includes a longer walk, potty break, a meal and/or medications.
60 Minutes - $40 - Includes a long walk, potty break, a meal and/or medications, and plenty of attention!
*Each additional dog is $3. Prices are subject to change*

*Mix and match whichever visits you please to fit your pets' needs throughout the day!*


Leaving your pup at home for the day is never easy. That's why we're here to help! Our puppy potty breaks are customized to your needs to give you peace of mind. These breaks are meant to help your puppy master the art of potty training, while getting the love and attention that they deserve.

Typically, puppies tend to master potty training around 6 months old. However, they should be able to hold it as many hours as they are months old. This means if a puppy is 4 months old, they should be able to go 4 hours until their next potty break. We will come care for your puppy as many times as you need throughout the day to ensure that they are staying consistent with their potty breaks.

15 Minutes - $18
30 Minutes - $25
45 Minutes - $30
60 Minutes - $40
*Prices include up to 2 puppies and are subject to change*


Not quite seeing something that fits what you and your pup need? Visit the contact page to send an email...we'd be happy to create you a custom solution!